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By Calistinne

KZ- When you decide to dedicate at the fashions world, like cosplayer pin up or comic model?

SS- I began by posing for photographers by passion. This hobby has expanded rapidly and I was required for projects more professional. I posed for magazines, covers, etc. ... and then projects becoming more grown-up

My photos have been published all around the web, I inspired a lot of artists, the most talented. Through the magic of things, I worked for brilliant artists for great works such as cartoons, posters, and other artworks.

Being a die-hard fan of photography and cartoons, I naturally associated both in cosplay photos, fantasy and comics.

KZ- Like a pin up, cosplayer... What side are you happier?

SS-What I like most about cosplay is to have the opportunity to play several characters. I like to change my skin, like a schizophrenic, but artistically speaking. I am artistically splitting my mind in two side ; the real side and one more out of this world.

KZ- Anime/gamer have the best cosplayers. What are the character of this for a cosplay of you? Why?

SS-Des personages sexy, dangerous… ou qui se rapproche au plus de ma personnalité cachée
My characters are always sexy, dangerous, something who reveal my hided side of me..

KZ-  Poison Ivy or Black Cat are some of your cosplays. What are the cosplay do you whant to make?

SS-yes indeed, i cosplay blackcat, poison Ivy in Paris conventions. But i also cosplay some manga characters and steampunk outfit .
I cosplay cheery moon with my girl band in next convention in Brussel. And i will enjoy to cosplay the future one that is XXXX. ( Surprise) !!

KZ- When you makes a cosplay, what's the more difficult thing?

SS-The most difficult thing is to be sure that the character is fully respected. The costume have to be exactly like the comic.

KZ- You have been the muse of Mike Ratera or Michael Calandra. What author is most easy to work?

SS-I keep on to work with them. We work together for new projects. IF I go on with an artist on so many projects that because we have the same vision ans respect for our Art.

KZ- Return to the comic's world. What character do you most identify?

SS-I do not identify myself with any of the comics in real life. But I easily take the place of the character I play. I feel good in black cat, this is the one who look the most like me in real life, especially for the fetish side of her look. I love particulary appear in the guise of the characters that are provocative but strong, which conveys an image of a woman that is both strong and free. I feel strong to wear what I want without be judged or suffer for social pressions.

KZ- What's the more to difficult to be a comic's model?

SS-I had no problem being comic's model. Various fairs in Europe opened the minds of many people. I have the chance in Europe to be able to do what I want with a motivating public and open minded. Just look at the thousands of fans who go to conventions such as Paris, Brussels, Berlin, etc. ..

KZ- What's the character (cosplay or comic's model) you' re more proud?

SS- I am always proud of the cosplay I do. For the simple reason that it is mostly spend hours creating the costume, research, and all consecrated sentence that makes me proud of the final result. And as each of them I always put the heart to work, none of them stand out from another. I am proud of all my creations by the contacts that I created, trade with other cosplayers, as well as recognition of the public who appreciates what I wear

KZ- If I was to be like you, what's your advice? (don't cosmetic surgery!!)

SS-To be yourself, find what it’s the thing that makes you happy, and find it..to enjoy your life. Nothing is more important that hapiness

You can enjoy her works here

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